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Love the instrumental version running under the voice-overs in the movie. You can't hear this song and not think of the Breakfast Club! I always wanted to walk off a feild somewhere with my fist high in air and this song playing in the background...someday!Certainly one of the more interesting rock bands of the '80s The reason this song was not included on "Once Upon A Time" is Simple Minds wanted the ablum to sell on its own merrits and not be aided by the success of Don't You, which as previousy stated is a song they didn't like to begin with and only recorded at the insistance of the record company.I have also read that Jim Kerr was specifically turned off by the use of the word "Baby" in "Don't you" and hated using that word. btw I'm a basketcase Believe it or not, Jim Kerr felt the song was "campy" and actually didn't like it despite its success. Virgin dropped the band while they were in the studio recording a second album. Signed to Virgin, the band released a self-titled album and a number of singles (among them "Venus de Milo" and "Falling for Nightlife", the latter of which was not included on the LP version), but none of their material charted in England.

And it’s not just that they got matching tattoos, but that they were for the hunting-oriented “Buck Commander” product line they mutually endorse.Yes, they both simultaneously sold out by selling off square footage of their skin in a publicity ruse.Nashville Gab first deduced that the two men had sent out matching tweets on Monday (12-17) depicting their inking escapade that according to the photos, had a voyeuristic troupe of cammo-clad fans watching on.By 1984, SM could play four sold-out gigs back-to-back at Toronto's Massey Hall.(U2 was booked for one night only at the hall in the same year, although surely they could have played more shows.) On this tour of Canada, they were of course headliners, supported by China Crisis...

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