Russkaya mama abasala sinochka

They said that they can not do much and prescribed chemotherapy course 1 level.

She was made 6 cycles, which did not have any significant effect.

The child of a friend in the epidemic of cold is one of the few who did not go to sick leave, before that the sick are not a rare thing.

Evenings of I to I vіdchula polegshennya, and wounds temperature znikla! We are not engaged in business, neutral people, even where that little skeptical)) The husband of 3 weeks dropped 7 kg, yes, playing sports and trying to adhere to proper nutrition, but in the past, even when engaged with a coach such results were not.20 summer work of specialists, experiments and research were not in vain!100% naturality, the seeds rubbed into the smoothie by the method of cold pressing, which helped to maintain the maximum benefit and gives such results!During the operation, he discovered that there is a void in the formation, filled with blood and fluid, which was not there before.He pierced it, and when the blood and fluid poured out, the formation itself separated from the organs. The doctor suggested that my mother will need 6-8 weeks to recover, and maybe she will again have to undergo chemotherapy.

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