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I curious as to whether your system is really successfully transcoding -- because mine works for files that do not require conversion.It is only for the ones that require conversion that there are problems.You know, I'm not really attached to this program...if there is a better way of doing this, I'd love to hear it.Transcoding, however, is a must, as I store most of my media in open and raw formats. I appreciate your input everybody _________________To look without without looking within is like looking without without looking at all.I suggest you test it with another device to narrow the issue down. It seems to run fine, but none of my transcoding works. I have enabled the debug option of mediatomb, and while it certainly is verbose, I don't see anything there that looks like error output. It plays everything that does not require transcoding just fine.But it skips all flac and ogg files, and hangs on and ogv files.

(Yes, I did try it with just the stock config as well).# Basic function that will transcode any input file into the target type # mpeg2 ffmpeg supports video_common() # Basic function that will transcode any input file into the PCM format audio_common() # Function to transcode matroska files to dvd compatible format transcode_matroska() # Function to transcode ogm files into mpeg2 for PS3 and add subtitles transcode_ogm() # Our "main" function below.USAGE=" This script is used by Media Tomb for transcoding support.-i, --input Input file that is meant to be transcoded.-o, --output Output file that will be read back by Media Tomb.

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