Movie star dating

Just as his Great Escape character, Captain Virgil Hilts, almost eluded his captors, Mc Queen almost escaped Movie Star Homes. ) From the day three years ago when we first realized that there is a treasure trove of movie star homes to be discovered and rediscovered, we’ve gotten a kick out of the residential discoveries that seemed to be waiting for us around every corner.

We hope that you’ll find a few surprises of your own as you take your tour of Movie Star Homes: The Famous to the Forgotten.

Los Angeles realtors like to quip that every house in the city has been occupied by three different movie stars at one time or another. For whatever reason, actors tend to change households only somewhat more often than they change spouses.

Her work has also appeared in Glamour, The Miami Herald, Readers Digest’s New Choices and scores of trade magazines. He is a member of Hollywood Heritage, and lives in Southern California. The book is as much a trip down Memory Lane as it is through Hollywood.” —Chicago Tribune “Movie Star Homes is not the first book on the topic — you can get pamphlets on movie star homes on any street corner in Beverly Hills, not to mention Encino — but it’s easily the most comprehensive book on the subject I’ve ever seen, encompassing everything from the silent days to the modern era. Their careful selections, combined with photographs and biographical sketches of each actor result in a fascinating mosaic of Hollywood history and style from the early 1900’s to the present.” —Road Trip “A new book for those bitten by the “Sunset Boulevard” tourist bug is always welcome and this combination guide and history book is a gem.Our third ground rule was that the book had to represent the huge variety of homes that have been inhabited by film stars over the years.That is why this book isn’t devoted solely to the glitzy estates.That is what makes this ultimately a highly personal book, and one that we hope will contain many happy surprises for you, the reader.We’re grateful to our publisher, Jeffrey Goldman, for allowing us to keep it that way.

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