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This pointed to a more serious compromise than has been acknowledged so far in US reports.

I also added material from the Friedman collection in several of my essays. H Rohrbach of Pers Z S on American strip cipher’ and a missing page from Special Research History SRH-366 'History of Army Strip Cipher devices'.

Compromise of the State Department’s M-138-A strip cipher and the traffic of other US agencies, Report on the solution and processing of the Soviet Army’s 5-figure code, Intelligence operations in Switzerland - Hans von Pescatore, Captain Choynacki and General Barnwell R. Looking back I’m impressed with the essays I’ve written and all the material that I was able to collect.

Legge, I corrected a mistake in my essay on the Finnish codebreakers and presented C. Apart from the files I got from my researchers, I benefited from the NSA’s release of the Friedman collection and of course I have to thank the people who gave me valuable information and/or files.

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I also linked to the ‘The Journal of Slavic Military Studies’ article ‘Once Again About the T-34’ by Boris Kavalerchik since it contained information that I had used in my essay WWII Myths - T-34 Best Tank of the war.

The compromise of the communications of General Barnwell R.

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