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Here’s How it Works Two minutes before a live call is scheduled to end a warning prompt will interrupt the call momentarily.The phone operator/agent will then have the option of using ‘Extend-a-Call’ which allows the Customer to purchase additional time via the payment module by simply pressing ‘33’ on their keypad.Example: The Customer presses ‘33’ on their keypad The call timer is paused.

There are three reasons for maintaining a second vehicle.

Anyway, we met a woman who was also a freelance writer, doing exactly what you are thinking about. I want to see much more of it so it’s definitely on my Top 10 list of destinations. You still have to stop to find a toilet and you cannot leave the pets in the vehicle without AC if you want to go sightseeing or shopping spur of the moment (even for a few minutes if its super hot out).

She went the route of an SUV pulling a small trailer which gave her the freedom to leave the trailer behind and go…… You’ve created a paradigm shift in my way of thinking that totally eliminates my biggest concern – secondary vehicle. I usually respond to the pet question by saying I’m an old maid and pets are part of the uniform. It will take me a while to plan, purchase, and get my road-trip adventure started so who knows what the “family” composition will be at that time but the fur will travel. You can privately leave contact info on my website == and I’ll get in touch with you that way. If you just want to get from point A to point B and then unhook and stay there, that’s another story but, if you want FREEDOM to move around, even daily like I did a lot, get a class C or B. I had a 24 ft rig and I thought it was HUGE the first time I saw it but, truly, it is very small and maneuverable for everyday use.

Your 800 Bill to Credit Card account will give callers the opportunity to increase the length of their call before time runs out thereby extending the call without hanging up!

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