Jersey shore mike and paula dating site

The final 13 episodes a wrap, "Jersey Shore" is gone.

Along with it, the weekly "Jerzday" Thursday ritual — for anyone that still watched.

When he was 25, he lost this job and began underwear modeling.

He has two older brothers, Frank and Marc, and a younger sister named Melissa (who had first appeared during the first season).

While he enjoys letting that burden go, a little payback awaits him at the tanning salon. Sam and Jenni want to tan, and desperately hope Paula isn't there. "Slow your roll," says Sam to an absent Paula, who seems more than a little crazy given recent events.

She is not, but has left a birthday package for Mike: Cakes and a card. This, however, is before Sam knows The Situation's spurned girlfriend has gotten some form of revenge.

Dangerdangerdanger, Ron warns, wisely noting how anything could be in the confection.

"How are you going to poison the man that she wants to be with? "Mike should dump chicks more often, we get free cake," says Pauly, who has also unfortunately eaten the cake. Mike notes this chilling connection between he and Pauly.

Mike calls Paula, who seems to not be able to hear him. At episode's close, an "in memoriam" is dedicated to the beloved fixture. May the phone, and this television show, rest in peace.

He knows this routine (he's used it many a time) and isn't buying it.

Before leaving, Sammie and Ronnie confront the other roommates about their self-isolation.

Not only are their birthdays close on the calendars, but his middle name is also Paul, while Pauly's middle name is Mike. Always good for a little shade in a sunny situation, Ron insults Mike's rainbow shirt: "I didn't know Skittles had a clothing line." So what was in the cake — arsenic, glass ... Returning to the tanning salon, Sammi and company are shown a photo of some guy touching one of the cakes with his testicles.

"Nutcake is the best prank played in this house and Paula doesn't even live here," says Ron, unofficially crowning her Prank Wars champion.

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