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It's not just swiping that works on the i Phone 7 duo, as pressing harder on the screen will bring up new menus in some settings, using Force Touch.It’s app-specific, so for example a harder push on the icon for the Photos app brings up a selection of folders, while if you do it on the Mail icon you get options for inbox, VIP, search and new message.According to one study, the average person clicks, taps or swipes some 2,617 times per day. No, don’t do that - but you can bask in the glow of satisfaction from knowing that if you were to do that damn foolish thing your phone wouldn’t be broken. In the old days, that meant swipe, passcode, swipe, tap and maybe another swipe to get the camera into the right mode. Lift your phone, swipe right on the lock screen (or up/down if you’re holding it in landscape mode) and the camera app is ready to go.The i Phone 7 is water resistant, so it can withstand spills and even being dropped into water, and it will also display a warning if it detects any moisture inside the handset. Or, more usefully, disconnect anything that’s plugged into the Lightning port and keep your phone switched off until it’s completely dry. Don’t worry about thieves getting into your phone this way though, as opening the camera doesn’t unlock the phone or any photos already on your i Phone.Or you could follow our tutorial and convert your existing headphones to Bluetooth wireless ones.

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When you put them back in the case they'll recharge themselves, with the case itself holding up to 24 hours' worth of battery life for the Air Pods.The tip here is to use the i Phone 7 as a tool for selfies in low light, as the new range packs image stabilization and the screen of the i Phone acts as a flash, to ensure your ego-tastic snaps always look super.Live Photos were introduced with the previous i Phone 6S, and they turn images into little videos by capturing the frames just before and just after you press the shutter button.As the headphone jack’s digital to audio converter couldn’t handle the new generation of hi-res audio, but the Lightning port is entirely digital and therefore does.But you'll also hear improvements through the speakers, because they have improved dynamic range and deliver twice the volume of the i Phone 6S.

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