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Rex bones," Williams says in the video above, part of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences's "Academy Originals" series.

"I had a walk [animation] and I knew I was not going to be allowed to show it.

Originally the movie's dinos were supposed to be done entirely with stop-motion animation from Stan Winston Studio and creature creator Phil Tippett's studio.

But after Spielberg asked folks at Industrial Light and Magic to add some computer-generated motion blur effects, ILM animator Steve "Spaz" Williams decided to try to create the dinosaurs digitally—even though the director wanted practical effects."I secretly started to build a set of T.

In this same auction, the John Romita-drawn cover to 1973’s “I was sitting next to Gareb when the covers came up for bid and the price — at the time — was not cheap,” former art dealer Scott Dunbier told Wired.

"It's an unfolding universe, and we want the audience to recognize it and be comfortable in it—for it to feel — but also to create something new that they haven't seen before." The logos definitely harken back to symbols previously used in the Star Wars saga, but this is the most explicit in-continuity explanation we've gotten since fans have noted the similarities.“If you buy something you enjoy, you can never go wrong. The fact that something might appreciate in value is just a bonus.”The artist, Dave Gibbons, hasn’t seen the covers since he drew them in 1986.“My experience with original art was that a lot of the money pages went quickly, and then you were left with potato pages after the meat was gone,” Gibbons said.In the Visual Dictionary by Pablo Hidalgo, a section of the book shows sections of the ancient Jedi text, adding more references to the symbol.These references would factor heavily into the designs used on Ahch-To, affecting everything from the ancient tree to the fountain mosaic in the cliffside temple.

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