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In its short existence, spanning only 19 years, this fully airborne commando unit carved a reputation as one of the world's foremost proponents of counter-insurgency warfare.

This was achieved through their ruthless application of the devastating 'Fireforce' technique.

In modern jargon - this was Rhodesia's 9/11 but unlike the event in America there was no world condemnation - just a world wide deafening silence.

This compilation of Regimental Marches and Songs as well as original battle sound effects was digitally re-mastered from original recordings.

The DVDs are in PAL format and are zoned for worldwide distribution.

Some titles are on NTSC and we can order on request.

The Rhodesians suffered two dead, eight wounded and lost one aircraft.

Estimates of ZANLA losses vary wildly; however, a figure exceeding 6,000 casualties is realistic.Featured are Operation Barracuda, Operations Almandin I, II and II, Operation Boali and the various regional, international and European regional interventions.Battle for Cassinga is the first-hand account by a South African paratrooper who was involved in the 1978 assault on the Angolan headquarters of PLAN, SWAPOs armed wing.Along the way you will see many of the faces that helped to build the nation of Rhodesia."What a time it was - with so few friends to turn to..." The 1st Battalion Rhodesian Light Infantry was formed on the 1st February 1961.

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