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In the early 60s Kubota actually produced vending machines.

This X signifies that it is a smaller version of the model before it. Decoding Kubota Serial The 5 digit serial number will not give you the build year or sell year.

Todd Stucke, Vice President of Agriculture and Turf, shares in the video below the long-term strategy of the company, including a transition to manufacturing higher horsepower tractors.

With open-center hydraulics, the standard M7-series features a 21GPM gear type pump and mechanical aux control with three aux control valves with an optional fourth.

The front of the tractor also features a front 3-point hitch and optional front power take-off (PTO).

This allows the M-Series great versatility and productivity being able to run two PTO implements at one time.

This is the first and largest move Kubota has made in the mid-range tractor sector. In May 2012, Kubota acquired Kverneland ASA, as a subsidiary, tractor implement manufacturer in Norway.

This acquisition provided the implements essential for livestock and row crop farming.

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