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By understanding the real needs of the customer and moving from idea generation to developing a solid value proposition together with a winning business model, you will create successful innovations and reduce the risk in an iterative way.The ‘Developing innovations with winning business models’ approach combines three points of view from the start: the customer and ecosystem, the solution, and the business.The team helped us formulate hypotheses about our proposition and planned market approach, and also to test them with relevant stakeholders through qualitative interviews.We were able to quickly create an effective cross-functional working group, distributing responsibilities among members so as to produce results relatively fast. ” “The Industry Consulting team helped us transform an idea into a realizable concept.What capabilities to you miss, and will you be able to create value for the business? The risk of launching a product or service that will not be successful is high, but there is no alternative, innovation is key to survival and growth.

Having a clear view on these three points of view is key for success.Developing innovations with winning business models is a well-tested approach that lets you uncover insights and real needs of the customer, and then move from idea generation to developing a solid value proposition together with a winning business model in an iterative way.When you innovate there is no guarantee for success in the market.Having a central team with these capabilities that are not present in the business units is crucial for the future success of our company.” “With the Value Network tool, Industry Consulting helped us to clearly identify where we sit in the value chain, who the critical players are, and how we evolve to have a stronger presence.A simple but effective tool in mapping our Value Network.” “Especially the support in business model innovation yielded plausible business model options that we use to define our go-to-market strategy.

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